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Purdi, 11 year old Fjord Mare

Problem: Purdi had a sagittal fracture of the left maxillary fourth cheek tooth [#209]. The crown of the tooth fractured during the attempt at oral extraction. Treatment plan: Standing repulsion using a steinmen pin. Dr. [...]

Sylvester, 14 yr old WB Gelding

Problem: Silvester had a history of eating awkwardly.  No swellings or nasal discharge noted. Examination: Oral examination revealed an extra tooth on the palatal side of the left maxillary fourth premolar. [#208] The tooth was [...]

Cody, 24 yr old Quarter Horse Gelding

Problem:Swelling on the left side of his face that had been getting progressively bigger despite administration of oral antibiotics. Horse also had more problems eating hay. Examination:The third upper left cheek tooth [#208] was found [...]

Surprise, a 5 yr old Cleveland Bay Mare

Problem: Surprise had a history of a right sided nasal discharge that had been present on and off for a year. The discharge was thick, yellow-green in color and had an odor. The discharge would [...]

Danny, a 32 yr old Miniature

Problem: Owner felt he could not chew side to side. Persistent weight loss. Examination: Dr. Niederman assessed Danny with a physical exam, inclusive of an oral examination of his mouth and teeth. Danny’s teeth actually [...]