Horses need dental care to relieve oral pain and to maintain the health, function and longevity of the all the teeth, especially the four arcades of cheek teeth. Read More >>



Dr. Niederman travels with a portable horse stock pulled behind her truck so she can set up her mobile dental clinic in most locations. The stock provides a safe working environment for her, the horse and the owner. Read More >>

Success Stories


We have so many satisfied clients that not all can be displayed. Here are just a few of my happy horse stories. Read More >>

Giving Back

In addition to her practice, Dr. Niederman enjoys giving presentations to local 4H clubs, schools or other horse organizations.

Office Hours

Dr. Niederman is on the road most days. All messages left at her office phone or emails sent to her computer will be answered in a 24 hour period.
8-5:30 M,T,TH,F
8-12 Saturday

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Office Phone
713-864-7353 (Local)


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